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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vampire diaries tv guide interview with the Love triangle

So which of you would make the best vampire in real life?
Somerhalder: Definitely me.
Dobrev: I agree.
Wesley: Ian does have hypnotic eyes. But Nina, I thought you were convinced I’m really a vampire?
Dobrev: Ian has this vampire quality, but Paul has fangs. [Wesley shows off his pointy canines.] And he just appears places and he’s very brooding.

Actors always love to play baddies. Are either of you a little jealous Ian gets to play the devilish Damon?
Dobrev: I’m lucky because I get to play two characters: sweet Elena and Katherine, who’s a crazy bitch.
Wesley: What’s cool about our characters is that they’re not one-dimensional. Damon has some good in him and Stefan has some evil in him.

Well, in upcoming flashbacks, you get to play the innocent Stefan and Damon instead of their undead personas.
Somerhalder: It’s fun to play Damon and Stefan as friends because you never usually see us that way.
Wesley: Pre-vampire Stefan is so uncomplicated, it’s fun. But Stefan 145 years later is really heavy. What 162-year-old wants to hang out with high-school kids? Somebody who’s escaping what they are.

It’s Team Damon versus Team Stefan! Whom do you think fans want Elena to be with?
Wesley: I’m president of the Team Damon fan club. I have a Facebook page as 13-year-old Ashley, who subtly manipulates people into hating Damon.
Somerhalder: [Laughter] So that’s why you yell at me to go away when I knock on your door!
Dobrev: Fans are so split. I get letters like, “Why did you break up with Stefan? You’re perfect together.” Then, “Why isn’t Elena with Damon? They belong together.”

Bloodsucking aside, which of these guys would Nina go for in real life?
Dobrev: I would take Defan—the other brother.
Somerhalder: Or Stamon!
Dobrev: Or Stamon, who has qualities of both, who is sweet and nurturing but has an edge, and can be fun and crazy at times.

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