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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gossip girl promo pics epi 3x07

here for GG promo pics of epi 3x07 "How to succeed in Bassness"

source : CW

Promo pics Desperate houseviwes epi 6x05

here promo pics for the episode of last week for DH (sorry i was in late with the bonus of LOST dvd s5) Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Merlin sneak peek epi 2x06

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Desperate Housewives extended contract with ABC

Desperate Housewives: Marc Cherry has extended his contract with ABC Studios for another two years, which could keep Desperate Housewives on the air through at least 2013. Of course the big question is whether the cast's main players—Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria Parker, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross—will want to go that long. They're currently only committed through the 2010-2013 season. And let's face it, with all the natural disasters on Wisteria Lane (tornadoes, planes falling out of the sky), it'd be a bloody miracle if anyone survived that long.

D'oh! Simpsons actor Dan Castellaneta will play the pilot of the small plane that will crash on Desperate Housewives, mowing over a few people along the way. We suppose Greg Grunberg wasn't available?

source : kirsitn eonline

Don't miss The Vampire Diaries tonight ! Ready Kristin's scoop

Something huge is going down tonight. Something scary huge.

We were on the Atlanta set of the addictive new CW series The Vampire Diaries for tonight's big Halloween episode, and here's what you need to know:

"There's actually so many surprises, and it [something] is very much a shocker to audiences," star Paul Wesley (Stefan) told us during a break on set. "It's a sort of brutal-and-violent-and-sudden-and-out-of-nowhere-something that happens, and I think people will be very shocked and confused. Blindsided I should say."

"The Halloween stuff is crazy!" Nina Dobrev (Elena) adds. "People are going to be shocked. They're going to be really surprised at how quickly and how many risks we take. We're not playing it safe."

So what goes down?

Nina Dobrev, Vampire Diaries Quantrell Colbert/The CW

"Unfortunately, we can't really talk about it because there's so much going on," Ian Somerhalder (Damon) told us. Ditto that for every single castmember because it's that good. Hmph.

But we do know one of the settings for tonight's ep: "We're in the school hallway and they have this haunted house. It adds to the circumstances because there are high stakes," Paul tells us. "All this stuff is almost Bruce Lee—it's like the Bruce Lee scene in Enter the Dragon where in the mirror he keeps seeing himself." (Sweet! I'd call that pulling a Sydney Bristow, but tomato, tomahto.)

Jasmine Guy also pops up tonight as Bonnie's grandmother, and we'll see that Bonnie is more powerful than even she thought when Damon tries to take something from her. As for Vicki, she's still struggling with her whole new fangalicious self.

"Vicki's actually a vampire for Halloween, which is really fun," Kayla Ewell (Vicki) says. "That's what I love about the writing on the show; they always make fun of themselves and we have a couple references to Twilight and a couple references to True Blood and other vampire shows."

Vampire Diaries was just picked up for a full season, and Ian says they owe it all to the big boss's genius. "Kevin Williamson—he reinvented television for teens with Dawson's Creek, obviously—but he also has this ability to take a fear genre and make them so interwoven where there's quality storytelling."

We also got scoop on the hot budding romance between Elena and Stefan from the players themselves. Stay tuned for that in Monday's Spoiler Chat.

source : kristin eonline

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Vampire Diaries- Interview with Kayla Ewell

If you thought one Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was wicked enough on The Vampire Diaries, the twisted Salvatore brother has added to his arsenal by turning Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) into a vampire. On the show's Halloween episode (Thursday, 9/8c, CW), there are surprises in store — for Ewell and others. "It's going to be one of the most shocking moments of television and you don't want to miss it," Ewell says. Ewell tells TVGuide.com about the scene that made co-star Katerina Graham

cry, the new vampire slayer and why Vicki's the female Damon.

TVGuide.com: Why do you think Vampire Diaries has been so successful?
Kayla Ewell:
I think vampires were already really big and we just joined the wave of success. I also think our show is different than everything else. I feel like Twilight is the PG version and True Blood would be like the R-rated version. Our show is PG-13, so we get both viewers. Our vampires are so sexy; I feel like they're my favorite vampires.

TVGuide.com: Are there any divas on set yet?
[Laughs] Not yet. To be honest with you, we've been told by hair and makeup that the guys are bigger divas than the girls. Some of the guys can be high-maintenance, but they're still awesome.

TVGuide.com: Vicki is becoming a vampire. Tells us about her journey.
It was really fun to find out that I was becoming a vampire because I was the first to make the transition. The second thought I had was, "Oh crap, I have to do this now." I talked to some of our producers, and asked what some good movies to watch are. One I watched was Interview with the Vampire, to actually study how they bite people and suck their blood. You have to grow the fangs, so your gums are aching. You have to go through all the things that you're feeling physically because you're completely changing. I've never played anything animalistic before, so this has been such a fun stretch for me.

TVGuide.com: Do you feel for Ian and Paul Wesley now that you have to do all the vampire stuff on set?
No, not really because it's super-badass to be a vampire. The only thing that I know that they hate is the blood. It tastes horrible. It's like corn syrup and sticky. It's just the worst taste in the world.

TVGuide.com: Is Vicki a good vampire or a bad vampire?
My take is that she's a bad vampire. Whoever you are as a person is [magnified] by 1,000 when you turn into a vampire. I'm a mini-Damon, only a female version.

TVGuide.com: Is Vicki going to be killing anyone?
Yeah, Vicki goes on a killing spree. It's super-fun. I don't realize what's happening to me and just start acting on instinct, vampire instincts, instead of really thinking what I'm doing. It's so fun to be able to be a human, but also have the vampire tendencies.

TVGuide.com: Katerina Graham told me that the Halloween episode is very emotional.
It is. It was emotional for everyone. We can't really say why yet. There's something that happens that's very shocking. It will be shocking to the viewers. It's going to be great; it's going to create such an uproar. It's going to make the show that much more popular and bring a lot of attention.

TVGuide.com: Would you say anyone is safe on this show?
I would say no one is safe unless you're on the poster, which would be [Nina Dobrev], Paul and Ian. Even so, I think it's just really scary because on a vampire show, people do have to come in and out and die or come back to life. You're never really safe. We definitely all learned about that.

TVGuide.com: You have a vampire slayer coming in.
Yes, Matt Davis. I'm such a fan. His character, Alaric, comes in as the new teacher because the teacher died. Damon killed the first teacher that everyone hated. [Davis] comes in as the super-hot teacher that all the kids are obsessed with. He starts to date Jenna [Sara Canning], who is Elena and Jeremy's aunt. No one realizes that he is a vampire slayer.

Source: TV Guide

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

V photo and vids and my review on the pilot

hi guys, again fews days before you could enjoy in your turn V pilot so here for tonight, i chose to do something related to V
my review on V pilot
first 8 minutes of the show

source :tvovermind

V musical vid !

source : ausiello at EW

Gossip girl and the vampire diaries kristin's spoilers !

Rebecca: Spill it! Who's the dead father who's coming back? My money is on Christian Shephard of Lost!
Nope. It's actually Bart Bass of Gossip Girl. How crazytown is that?! A source tells me that Robert John Burke (the senior Basshole) will be returning to the show in December, just in time to make it a very special Gossip Girl Christmas. P.S. When I hinted that "two blondes will be atwitter" I was referring to Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey and Gossip Girl herself (Kristen Bell), who will certainly Twitter the news!—but of course Serena also would count. Whaddya think of that twist?

Margo in New York: Will Carter be back on Gossip Girl? I loved him with Serena! And is Georgina gone for good?
My friends at the CW tell me there are currently no plans to bring back Carter (boo!). And Michelle Trachtenberg is starring in that other show that's not Parks & Rec or Community and was just picked up by NBC (Mercy), so she's otherwise occupied at the moment. We took your question to her, and she answered: "Georgina has taken a little trip. She's gone off with who she thinks is a Russian prince. But as Georgina goes, you never see the end of her. She always comes back and torments."


Agatha in Idaho: Vampire Diaries, please! Any good scoop?
Buffy is coming! OK, not exactly Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar (though now that her pilot has probably not been picked up, she should stop by), but I'm told that a vampire slayer will visit Mystic Falls. Clearly this doesn't bode well for Stefan.

source : kristin eonline

Monday, October 26, 2009

FlashForward promo pics epi 1x05 and 1x06

I know seem there were no pics for epi 1x05 but when i watched FF epi 1x05, you could see those pics were for epi 1x05 and not 1x06

promo pics for epi 1x06 called " scary monsters and super creeps"