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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dana Delany scoop

A deal has finally been hammered out for Dana Delany to take a leave from ABC’s Desperate Housewives to shoot the alphabet net’s fall pilot, Body of Evidence.

“The networks have become like the old studio system where they have their stable of actors," Dana tells me. "They want to hold on to them and see what else they can do with them, so (ABC president) Steve McPherson said, ‘Would you consider doing another show,' and I said, ‘I love Housewives, but this is the lead role and something different.’ It’s one of those bountiful things. I love the show I have, but they’re offering me the lead.’“

The series, which starts shooting this week, will team Dana with actors John Carroll Lynch (The Drew Carey Show and Carnivale), Trust Me's Geoffrey Arend (husband of Mad Men's Christina Hendricks) and Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Shark, Law and Order: SVU.

Housewives creator Marc Cherry is writing out her character, Katherine Mayfair, so that she can head out of town to shoot the pilot over the next couple weeks.

“But if her pilot doesn’t fly, she’ll be coming back,” Cherry tells TV Guide Magazine exclusively. “ABC asked me if they could give Dana her own show, but if that doesn’t work, she’s got a place waiting for her.” Dana says her Housewives boss promised he would not kill her off.

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