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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Desperate housewives scoop !

Desperate Housewives offers a girl-girl liplock in March between cuckoo Katherine (Dana Delany) and Susan’s stripper friend, Robin, played by Dexter’s Julie Benz. “Everyone assumed I was going to come in and break up someone’s marriage, but there’s a whole different twist,” says Julie, who appreciates Dana smelling “very pretty” and not having facial hair like her last on-screen lover, Michael C. Hall.

“This kiss comes out of a funny moment where we’re trying to ditch some guys,” says Julie. But something very real develops, which is exciting for Dana. “I guessed it,” she says. “I asked, ‘Am I becoming a man?’ And [creator] Marc Cherry said, ‘Close.’” Dana compares Katherine’s realization to recently un-closeted actress Meredith Baxter. “For a woman in her fifties to make this announcement to her community is huge,” says Dana. “I hope it sticks.”

Julie and Dana became friends years ago when they costarred in a failed “Scarface”-type TV pilot. So how long will these naughty girls play house? “I’m now up to four episodes, but they have an option for more,” says Julie. “I’m bribing the writers with cupcakes.”

source : tvguide magazine

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