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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tv guide scoop on Vampire diaries, V and Desperate Housewives

On The Vampire Diaries, are we going to find out that Alaric's wife is a vampire? — Mirabel
MICKEY: Interesting theory, M! We've already seen a particularly bloody flashback in which Isobel is attacked by a familiar-looking vampire. Get ready to learn more about her interactions with bloodsuckers. It's no accident that Alaric is teaching in Mystic Falls, but is his assumption that Isobel is dead correct? This is a good question to ask. Related question: Does Bonnie's college-aged cousin have any supernatural secrets of her own?

What's going on with Angie on Desperate Housewives? — Marla
MICKEY: If you were Danny Bolen, wouldn't you be sick of all the running? That's why he runs away from his fugitive parents (with Ana, coughcough) and ends up at his grandmother's house. This forces a painful mother-daughter reunion nearly 20 years in the making. Have the Kleenex on standby!

Any other V babies that you know of? — Cahn
MICKEY: Elizabeth Mitchell says she's not ready to be a grandmother to an alien baby, but she's OK with Lisa, her son's alien girlfriend. "She didn't really seem to mind too much that he had a girl in his room," Mitchell says of her character. "She just wants him to be physically safe. He's not obviously. He's in great jeopardy — she just doesn't know it yet." Play safe, Tyler!

source : tv guide

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