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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kristin scoop on DH, VD and GG

Maurice in Pittsburgh: What the what? I just read Josh Schwartz's quote that Jenny and Chuck have something coming up on Gossip Girl. Please tell me Little J is not coming between Blair and Chuck. I'll die!
Your life is spared. An inside source tells me that Jenny and Chuck don't really have any big storylines together this season, so I'm assuming Josh meant Jenny will have a big storyline and Chuck will have a big storyline, but they are not the same storyline. Chuck's story involves the possible surprise return of his believed-to-be-dead mother (and Jack Bass), and Jenny's involves another couple she comes between...guesses?

Wanda Two Saints: Kristin, are you really not going to tell us who Jenny will be interfering with? That's low, even for you!
Only because I like old friends with bad glasses, I will reveal that Jenny is going to "get in between Nate and Serena," according to my rock-solid Gossip Girl source. We likey? We hatey? I'm thinking more of the latter...

Drew in St. Paul, Minn.: Has Serena's father been cast yet on Gossip Girl?
Not yet. But he's coming before the season ends.


Mandy in New Jersey: Come on! Who dies in the Desperate Housewives plane crash?
We can't tell you that yet, but we can tell you that one of the causalities is a husband who finds himself paralyzed and becomes quite the little household tyrant from his wheelchair.


Monica in Portland, Ore.: How great is Vampire Diaries? I thought I would hate it, but I'm obsessed. Do you know what big things they're leading up to for the end of the season?
I can tell you that the writers actually aren't going to wait until the end of the season to open the tomb with all the vampires and Katherine in it, and you know that's gonna be good!

source : kristin eonline

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