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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kristin's scoop on Desperate Housewives, The vampire diaries and Gossip girl

Amanda in New York City: I know you said Gossip Girl is gonna get better, and thank god for that, because the show is really awful this season, but could you give us some good Blair and Chuck spoilers? I'm missing them having a big storyline together. I'm so tired of Blair's NYU storyline. Are they gonna have more scenes together?
Nothing earth-shattering coming up on the Chuck and Blair front, sorry. As I told you here, there is going to be huge drama with Jack Bass returning and the possible return of Chuck's possibly not-dead mother. (Say it with me now: Mother Chucker!) And Chuck will have a surprising encounter at his father's graveside on the anniversary of his death. All that said, the good news I can share on Chair or Bluck or whatever clever name you call them is this: Chuck and Blair are not breaking up any time this season, according to my solid source. And they say TV love can't last!


Felicia in Rockland, Maine: It is not Orson who will be killed off Desperate Housewives (although that is what they want you to believe). But everyone is in for a surprise when they find out it is actually Karl not Orson who will be killed off in the plane crash episode. Think about it. More than one housewife will be affected meaning Bree and Susan. And in future episodes, Susan will inherit a strip club which Karl leaves in his will. There will also be an episode where the girls flash forward and think about the future and Bree wonders what life would be like if it was Orson who had died instead of Karl. Also Karl has been on the show since season one which that would explain that clue also. Just wanted to let you know.
Unless your name is actually "Felicity" I am chalking this up as a rumor, missy! But we do know it is not Orson (Kyle himself told us so much), and I wouldn't be surprised if Karl is the one to go. We shall see...


Marlene in Columbus, Ohio: Vampire Diaries! Please, something, anything. I can't stand the wait.
We just chatted up Jasmine Guy, and she tells us she's "having a ball" playing Bonnie's grandmother and will be back sooner or later. She also hinted at a bigger picture storyline arc for the series: "There's this whole inner life between the witches and the vampires where there's this pact between the two forces that they won't expose each other. So I'm excited to explore that." She also calls the show's producers "elusive" and that she learns what she's going to do when she gets on set. They're good with the secret-keeping, those Vampire peeps!

source : kristin eonline

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