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Friday, October 9, 2009

Gossip girl spoilers by Kristin

Hi guys, kristin is back yesterday night and she shared spoilers online for several shows including Gossip girl so here what she said !


ar45: Thank you! The threesome is NOT Blair, Chuck and Nate. And to be honest, I'm kind of freaking out about one of the participants, who is not someone I would expect to film a threesome. That said, I've been told it's not over-the-top racy (this is the CW) so this actor's fairly pure image will probably just be a wee bit soiled, not diiiirrrrty.

Lily, Chair will not take part in the threeway.

Amanda, I know Chuck and Blair are still going strong as of episode 10. Source still telling me they are the long-term Ross and Rachel of GG, so even if they run into trouble, in the end, ***** totally knock her up and leave his sweater for Monica and the gang to find.

180/Bree: HOLLLLER! This just in from my rock solid source: I think a nate/serena pairing is VERY much a possibility this season!

193/Sam: I mean that neither Chuck nor Blair will be part of the threesome.

source :kristin at eonline

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