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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ew spoilers for VD, GG, FF and fringe

here several Q&As of Ausiello about "the vampire diaries", "Flashforward", "fringe"&"gossip girl" !

Question: When will Elena find out Stefan is a vampire on The Vampire Diaries? —Mike
No comment. In other news, trust me when I say you do not want to miss this week’s episode.

Question: I am loving The Vampire Diaries! Can we please have a spoiler? —Kelsey
Next week’s episode is even better than this week’s, according to the show’s unbiased boss, Kevin Williamson. “We’ll meet Katherine and learn the backstory,” he reveals. “We get to see what Damon and Stefan’s relationship was like in the 1800s and where it all went wrong. We see how the triangle got created, and how they became vampires. It’s a big episode.”


Question: Wasn’t Dominic Monaghan supposed to appear in the second FlashForward episode? What’s the deal exactly? —Frenchy
The exact deal is that he’ll turn up briefly next week.


Question: Fringe is getting better and better! Any scoop? —Danai
With Olivia and Company closing in, and his shape-shifting body starting to break down, Charlie-from-another-universe gets desperate next week. Meanwhile, Olivia’s piecemeal flashbacks are start to ring a, ahem, Bell. And here’s something for Peter-Olivia ’shippers: There’s a cute scene where they discuss sci-fi movies — specifically (and appropriately) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Question: Are you going to narrow down the list of Gossip Girl threesome possibilities? —Sharon
Yes, but not here. It wouldn’t be appropriate. I’ll do so in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.

Question: I know you won’t tell us who is going to partake in the threesome on Gossip Girl, so I won’t even bother asking. I just want to know if it’s a dream or if it’s real. —Fernanda
Oh, it’s real.

Question: I would love some (good) news about Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl ! —Lisa
It doesn’t get much better than this: They’re still together and (relatively) happy through at least episode 11.

Question: Please tell me your Love and War blind item does not pertain to Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester? That would totally ruin Gossip Girl for me! —Whitney
It’s not them either. Okay, this marks the end of the Love and War eliminations. You’re on your own now!

source : EW

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