Welcome on my New Blog, you can see most all the show i love and i'll share with you everything i can with the help of my friend Helena.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Blog opening !

Hi guys, welcome to my new blog :) Here you'll not see anything about LOST Lyly Ford Blog is the Blog for that.
With my friend Hely, we wanted to make this blog about others show we love for now you can see on the banner i made all the show you'll get news on it, don't mean we'll not add more but for now, the blog will be about


The vampire diaries
Gossip Girl
Desperate Housewive
True Blood

If you've something about the show we didn't posted (don't ask so much for spoilers, i don't read many spoilers for those shows lol it will be mostly press release, promo pics, promo and spoilers by source like tv guide, eonline etc...) say it on @LylyFord Twitter or the chat

I hope you'll love the new Blog and share your opinion as for my LOST Blog !
Have fun !

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