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Thursday, November 5, 2009

ausiello's scoop on flashfoward and fringe

Question: Do you not like FlashForward or something? There has yet to be one single iota of a scoop about the show. Could you please give me something to chomp on? —Stephanie
I like FlashForward just fine. The problem is I don’t love it. And if last week’s living room showdown between Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger’s future lover is a preview of the kind of painfully heavy-handed schlock to come, I may have to bail soon. The good news? This week’s episode is supposed to be a vast improvement. I hear we may even find out the significance of the Blue Hand.


Question: Any scoop about this week’s Fringe? If the previews are any indication, it looks like a keeper. —Al
Even gravel-voiced, stone-faced FBI agents have a softer side. And we get to see it when the usually serious-as-a-heart-attack Broyles gets embroiled in a case from the past that has a special personal meaning for him, so much so that he even steps on a few inter-agency toes to solve it. Contaminated cosmonauts and conspiratorial cover-ups abound. Plus, who knew the “Intelligence” in “Central Intelligence Agency” was extraterrestrial? (Okay, I kinda did.)

source : ausiellofiles at EW

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