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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

kristin spoilers about Gossip girl andTrue Blood

Monty in New Mexico: What's next on Gossip Girl?
I'm told that after tonight's threeway, everything will be very messy for Dan, Olivia and Vanessa. "Things are not well," says my source, and the threesome will have repercussions for all relationships involved, and we'll see it all play out next week via flashbacks of the dirty deeds that were done dirt cheap. Also next week, a fourth wheel comes into the mix: Lady Gaga! No, she's not actually hitting the sack for an L-O-V-D foursome (can you imagine?), but her music is the catalyst through which Dan, Olivia and Vanessa have to stay connected and work together even more closely for the time being (thanks to an assignment given to Mr. Humpey...or, make that Humphrey, sorry).

Oh, and for all of you who are sooo tired of hearing about the ménage à trois—can we all just have a cigarette and get cab fare already and be on our merry way?—I have this news to share: A main Gossip Girl character is going to get in a serious accident. One that will send her to the hospital. And that someone is Serena (Blake Lively)


Jessica in Ft. Worth, Texas: Got any new news on True Blood?
We're going to be meeting Bill's (Stephen Moyer) first wife! True Blood producers are now casting for Caroline Compton, who is surprised to discover her man was not killed in the Civil War, as she had thought.

source : kristin eonline

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