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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Homer Simpson gets 'Desperate'

Christmas will be coming early for the ladies of Wisteria Lane — December 6 — but along with it will be a surprise from a special visitor: Homer Simpson. Okay, so maybe the big yellow buffoon won't be coming to Desperate Housewives in his animated form, but Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer, will be making a rather large crash on the show. Pun very, very much intended.

I say that because Castellaneta will be playing the role of an airplane pilot who crashes his small plane into Christmas trees. And kills people. "The accident will be caused by a series of mishaps involving Dan’s character and his shrewish wife, played by Caroline Aaron," TV Guide reports. Sounds like typical Housewives fare.

While I'm not sure there's much of a crossover appeal between the two shows (they appeal to entirely different demographics), those who find themselves in the middle of the Venn diagram might get a kick out of Castellaneta's appearance, and the probable thousands of poorly veiled Simpsons references that will most likely ensue.

source : tvovermind

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