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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Latest from Kristin for True Blood and Fringe

Melina in Washington, D.C.: Thanks for the True Blood news last week! Do you have anything else about Eric?
Your wish is my command. Eric (Alexander SkarsgÄrd) fans will be happy to hear that even though Godric (Allan Hyde) is dead, the writers are considering exploring his 1,000-year history with Eric through flashbacks. Whoo-hoo!

Jensen in Wichita, Kan.: OK, so who won Vampire Wars?
It was a 5-0 Buffy blowout! True Blood came in second, followed by newbie series The Vampire Diaries in a distant third. When Twilight's Edward and Bella were thrown in the mix, they came in second after Buffy and Angel, but well ahead of Sookie, Bill, Stefan and Elena. Good work, Team Slayer!


Penelope in New London, Conn.: Do you have any Fringe news?
This Thursday's ep is about Broyles (Lance Reddick's character), and when the gang revisits a shadow killer case from four years ago, we learn that he chose Fringe Division over his marriage four years ago, and has lived to regret it.

source : kristin eonline

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