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Saturday, November 21, 2009

my review on V episode " it's only the beginning"

yes, i saw it fews hours ago and as for the season premiere, i wanted to share with you my opinion without to reveal the cliffhanger 'cause it worth it !
wow, what can i say ? first, thing will move fast in the episode and at the same, some things aren't resolved yet, if it was V could end right now don't you think ?
epi 1x03 ended with the first team fighter against the V, it will continue at this point, they're ready to fight the V but don't mean everyone trust eachother. We can't forget Ryan (Morris Chestnut) is a "V" right ? Someone else will find about it and if you saw the sneak peek under it, you'll know WHO !

second, get in memory the name "Peter Combs" it's in some way the "key" of what it will happen in the episode.

Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Tyler (Logan Huffman) relationship aren't the same since the V arrived, don't seem to be better in this episode. Tyler's fate will be changed forever ? I don't know, but he finds another road for now and as Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) said "tyler is the one". Lisa and Anna have very interesting mother and daughter relationship, in contrary of Tyler and Erica, women are close and know exactly what they want (or WHO)...
By the way, Tyler will meet someone in some circumstances and it's someone close of a V.

Jack (Joel Gretsch) changed too since the V and their real face appeared to him, is he ready to leave God or not ?

Chad (Scott Wolf) is manipulated (as many people, ok almost all in the world lol) by Anna (Morena Baccarin), seem things will not be different and will happen in another LEVEL.

Speaking of Anna, she's beautiful but inside she's not, you'll start to see what can happen when you betrayed Anna...

The Vs will find a way to be more close of the human and the manipulation will be Huge, you really can't stop them, i think it's inevitable, Anna "got" humans, she's smart and trusted.

By the way, two kinda triangle will be created on the episode, (not involving romance) !

I can say some character's life will be changed after the end of the episode, for good or bad but it will definitively change their life.
One fate, shocked me, ok i could say too but it's for two different reason, I can't say many things just the one i was shocked involved a man.

The very final moment of the episode is so much HUGE than you can just wonder what it will happen next....Anna is smart and Evil ! yes EVIL !

What can i say to end my post ? The waiting will be long, I dunno if it was worst to wait for the second episode this summer or to wait for episode 1x05 now ? lol ok I could say this one 'cause, V got me and i'm not ready to let it go ^^
I love all characters even if I've very BIG crush on Elizabeth Mitchell and I can say, i'm scared of Anna but not Morena Baccarin lol

The episode is just the beginning of the V vs human or i could say team against V. The war started and for now, we can't really know who will win 'cause who can you really trust ? ;)

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